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Winter Blues?

People often don't pay attention to how weather or even different seasons can effect them. If you have low energy or a low mood at this time of year, know that you're not alone. If you can, use this time to recharge. Listen to your body. What is it telling you? What does it need right now? 

Like other creatures, like the bare trees, sometimes we just need to go inside ourselves. 

Winter Tree

I feel at ease 

when I look at you. 

Your bare-ness is soothing. 

As if you have withdrawn

into yourself  

as you must do 

from time to time. 

You can not be full and lush 


There must be a time 

for quiet, 


Less aesthetics, 

less surface richness

and outward abundance.

Less attention to the external.

There is so much happening 

beneath the surface. 


still breathes in this rooted being, 

in its trunk, 

in its branches, 

in its roots, 

day in and day out. 

I yearn 

for a similar quiet time 

when I can retreat 

within myself 

and feel into my aliveness 

without the distraction 

of the outer world

and its expectations. 

You are a reminder of life's cycles. 

You are a reminder to trust.

-Monica R.

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