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Individualized therapy
for Filipina/x, Adult children of Immigrants, Women & Couples

Foster stronger relationships. Deepen understanding.
Transform old patterns. Develop awareness and life skills.

Serving clients virtually in the Bay Area and throughout California 
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Filipina woman stands in forest of snow wearing a sweater, smiling and looking down.Image by Kelly Sikkema


You’re Filipina/x/o and/or AAPI . You're either new to this whole therapy thing or you’ve hit a wall with other therapists and realize the importance of culturally-relevant care. The dynamics and  expectations within Filipino/AAPI families and the greater culture are unique. Multi-layered. It’d be helpful to talk to someone who gets it. Welcome.

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There is tension between you and a parent and/or another member of your family of origin. You want to set boundaries but well…it’s complicated. Guilt, manipulation, a sense of duty all keep you participating in the family in old ways that no longer work for you. You want to figure out how to honor your needs -  how to be part of the family in a way that feels authentic and doesn’t leave you feeling depleted. Welcome.

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You identify as a giver or a helper. You're selfless, agreeable and don't have any needs. You cater to those around you. You hide parts of yourself in order to make others comfortable. You want to be able to share these hidden parts of you, but you also have a huge fear of being rejected or that love will be taken away. Lately, you're realizing that hiding crucial parts of yourself isn't working, nor is it what you want. You want to figure out how to be more authentic but not lose relationships in the process. Welcome.

Coffee is being poured from a clear pitcher into a white mug with the word "UGH" written in black text. Image by Nathan Dumlao


You have it all together. At least, that’s how you present to others. Inside is a different story. You doubt yourself. You spiral into self-criticism and negative self-talk. It's hard to feel confident, let alone competent. You know certain behaviors and ways of thinking are problematic, yet you’ve brushed them off for years. Lately, you worry (and maybe even panic) that this is how it’s always going to be and that you won’t attain the things you hope for, e.g. a loving, committed partnership, stability, happiness, etc. You know you need to work on yourself and you’re ready to do that. Welcome.

Black woman with short hair leans over and kisses Asian woman who is looking down. Image by Shingi Rice


You have the same discussions/arguments over and over. They escalate quickly and are hardly ever productive. Yelling doesn't help, but neither does avoiding important topics altogether. Yet, those are the two places you often find yourself in. It would be helpful to have a third person slow you both down in the moment, help you learn ways to de-escalate and finally break out of this cycle. Welcome.

Asian Woman and white man stand facing each other with their heads touching and smirks on their faces.Image by Tyler Nix


You and your partner come from different cultural backgrounds and it's challenging to navigate. These challenges show up in various ways: your expectations of each other, your relationships with each other's families, finances, etc. You'd like to get "un-stuck" and see some movement in these areas and come to a place of mutual understanding and respect. Welcome.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

Leo Buscaglia


​...and I'm so happy you're here. Therapy can be one of the most rewarding and illuminating experiences. It can also bring up a lot, so I totally get if you're having a bunch of different feelings come up. That's all part of it and that's okay. At Monica Ramil Therapy, we're here to help and support you in leading a full and authentic life. We understand the importance of culturally relevant support and services. We strive to help our clients unpack old narratives, process (intergenerational) trauma, understand the impact of their upbringing, gain clarity, live in alignment with their values, and re-connect to their inner wisdom.  

We believe it is imperative to acknowledge how toxic systems impact mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health, and acknowledge the need for systemic change. We are committed to creating a welcoming space for all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, nationalities, classes, religions, abilities, sizes, and neurodiversities. 

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Monica Ramil


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Shared with permission from clients and colleagues.

Thank you for being the person who patiently listens to all the things I consciously try not to tell anyone else. Thank you for helping me see that I am already on my way to being the best me every day. Thank you for doing what you do.


You carry an energy that is unique and needed in this world. An energy that is warm yet transformational and supportive. All in therapy, I have found my healing and my strength by facing my shadows and facing the harder parts of myself. Thank you for allowing me to discover my true inner power. I also wanted to say huge thank you for being the dopest Filipina therapist. You have really transformed the ways in which I understand myself as a pinay and how I continue with my purpose here on earth to heal my own intergenerational wounds.

-Artist, San Francisco

I feel so f****** understood for the first time after years of feeling like I was truly carrying something alone for so long. It gives me a lot of hope and comfort to know that people/practitioners like you exist. You truly make this world a better place by what you do.

-Hospital Worker, San Francisco

You bring so much to your clients - wisdom, grace, depth, commitment and heart.

-Therapist, San Francisco

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