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Monica Ramil wears a gray cowl neck short sleeve sweater and smiles with her head turned toward a window as a laptop sits on her lap.

Online Therapy

Online Therapy Is Effective and Practical

Online therapy makes it possible to access the same services as in-person therapy from the comfort of your home or office. Using secure, HIPAA-compliant software, online therapy allows you to meet with a therapist face-to-face without the hassle of going into an office or clinic. And because online therapy uses many of the same modalities as in-person therapy, it can be just as effective.

Additionally, many clients find that being in the comfort of their own home or office can provide a sense of ease and comfort while also allowing them to do the therapeutic work.


Typical logistics like getting dressed and fighting through traffic can be draining for many people. Online therapy allows you to focus on the issues at hand without the added logistical complications and stress. All you need is a phone, computer or tablet with a camera and internet access and you’re set.

Woman on her Tablet

Access to More Therapists

Online therapy allows clients to connect with therapists throughout their state, not just in their immediate area. This is especially helpful for those in rural or remote areas where access to therapists can be limited. Even if you live in a metropolitan area, it can still be difficult to find someone who is a good fit. Online therapy increases the likelihood of finding the right therapist for you by making it possible to see therapists located in other areas.

Accessible for People with Disabilities

Online therapy is also more accessible to those with physical limitations or other disabilities. Traditional brick and mortar offices may be limited in who they can accommodate, not to mention the hurdle of finding transportation. Online therapy removes many of these hurdles by allowing you to see a therapist from the comfort of your own home or office.

Woman with Amputee Using Laptop
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