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Parts Work Therapy

What is Parts Work?

Parts Work is a method of therapy that has roots in various approaches, including Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Gestalt, among others. Parts work acknowledges the complexity within each person and the different parts of the self. Our differing parts can have different wants, needs, fears, sensitivities, you name it. They can also, and often do, have conflicting values or agendas that result in us feeling stuck in one or more areas of life.

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For example, we may have a part that keeps us from taking action as a means to preserve or protect us which may be in direct conflict with another part that wants progress or change.


Parts work helps to illuminate and sort out the different parts of self, while also helping us understand why they exist, how they continue to impact our decisions and how we want to be in relationship to these parts going forward.

It helps us integrate all our parts leading to a renewed sense of wholeness. 

Parts Work Resonates With Therapists And Clients Alike

Both therapists and clients are gravitating more and more towards Parts Work. Parts work provides a safe yet simple framework to acknowledge the complexity within each individual. By allowing clients to name a thought, feeling, belief, etc. as a part of them and not their whole self, Parts Work makes it easier to admit and accept the different qualities/parts within.

Thoughts or feelings that we may disassociate from out of shame or fear of judgment find relief in Parts Work.


This method of therapy makes room for multiple experiences, thoughts, emotions, etc. at the same time. It allows us to see ourselves as complex people with nuanced experiences instead of through a black and white lens. This approach reduces internal conflict and allows us to have grace and compassion for ourselves. It can also help us have more understanding and compassion for those around us, which can lead to more satisfying relationships. 

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