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Ancestry, Therapy, and the Filipina/x/o Community

Updated: Jan 27

Monica Ramil sits on outdoor steps smiling with arms laying crossed on her lap. A pink background surrounds her picture along with black text that reads: The Abundant Practice Podcast Welcomes Monica Ramil to discuss Ancestry, Therapy and the Filipinx Community, Tune in Via Apple Podcasts &  Spotify

"[My clients] are doing the work of generations before them. They're holding the pain again that our parents or grandparents couldn't heal because they were focused on surviving the war and surviving colonialism and getting us to America."

Note: At the time of this recording, I hadn't met too many Filipina/x/o therapists but am happy to report that I now have a community of Filipina/x/o therapists that I continue to learn and grow with.

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